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Chantel Andrea Young, Owner of Andrea Monroe Nail Co. LLC

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Hello and thank you for visiting Andrea Monroe Nail Co.

My name is Chantel Andrea Young and I am the owner of this online retail shop. This company was created as a personal outlet for creativity. While expressing my inner creator, I strive to provide stellar products and customer service. I am a Press On Nail Vendor however, I will also be providing a variation of self care accessories. Andreamonroenailco.com was designed to be a beauty oasis. Stay tuned as new products are constantly being added to our inventory.

Nail art has always been an area of specialty for me. I have been designing nails for over a decade. All Press On Nails on this website have been hand crafted. I stumbled across the beauty of nail art by accident in 2009. Continuing to explore my findings, in 2011 I began attending Cosmetology school. In 2014 I received my certificate of completion. For the past six years I have been trying to unite my business interests with my artistic abilities. I am excited to say I believe I have found it!

March 18, 2021 Update:

AMNC has been operating for quite a few months now. (Since 10.01.2020) We have networked, acquired new customers, established our social media accounts, and so much more. At this point we are beyond thankful for our customers and supporters. 

Continuing to market and sell Press on Nails AMNC has decided to expand. Starting April 5, 2021 we will begin selling AMNC merch and express our creativity for our future endeavors. 

Stay Tuned.

Feedback is always welcome from our customers. Please feel free to contact us via email at andreamonroenailco@gmail.com.

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Contact Us: andreamonroenailco@gmail.com

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