Size Chart - What Size Should You Order?


Above is a photo of our size chart. This is how you will determine what size each of your nails are. To begin there are two methods you can use to measure your nail beds.


Method 1: Using a Tape Measure

Use a tape measure with the increments of mm (millimeter). Align the tape measure horizontally with the widest part of your nail bed. Use the scale above to determine your size. 

Example: 17mm is a size 0 nail


Method 2: Using Tape

Place clear tape over the widest part of your nail bed and mark where the end of your nail meets your skin. After successfully measuring your nails, the tape can be removed and measured with a ruler or measuring tape. Please do so by aligning the clear tape with the start of you measuring device. Then continue to evaluate your results. 

Click the photo below to be redirected to an actual size ruler. Upon accessing this link you can print the ruler image and measure your nail bed. 

Image directed to ruler.

If you do not have a tape measure this can be used to measure your nail beds.


In the event that you may not have a tape measure you can use a ruler. Click the image below to be redirected to a CM to MM digital conversion. 

CM to MM ConversionIf you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email at If your are having trouble measuring your nails you can request a video tutorial. 

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